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My review: Scrapbook Expos. Tips on navigating them.

Once a year, Columbus, Ohio is the host of a scrapbook expo.  The Memories Scrapbooking Expo showcases local area venders who carry Scrapbooking supplies. Think of it as one great big shopping mall for crafters.   I have been going for years when it started out at Veteran’s Memorial Downtown.   It more out about 2-3 years ago to the Ohio State Fairgrounds.   It is a two day event, and in addition to buying supplies there, you can actually work on projects.   During the years I worked at Archiver’s, I always wanted to work the expo, but according to my manager, I was much needed at the store, and I was disappointed.

So this year’s showcase had 52 venders, and one of the problems I had with the building is they do not give venders enough room to allow customers to move around.   Just to be on the safe side, I had my mother tag along with me.   The one thing they need to allow is the movement of customers from booth to booth, and without the space of the booth.

So, what did I buy?

I bought within my budget, which was $100 cash.   If I went over, I had my business debit card to pick up the slack, or my mother.  The first booth, I bought some state 3-d stickers by Jet-setters (not the name of the vender).  Nebraska is perfect for the pictures I took in 2007 when we (me, my parents, and oldest nephew (then age 11) went to visit a family friend and his wife.   California stickers for the pictures I took on the second half of the trip (same year).   We went to the beaches, Disneyland, San Diego, Hollywood, Beverley Hills, and my childhood home in San Bernardino.  To name a few. Last some Florida stickers for my parents cruise last month.   Next, we went over to the Stamper’s anonymous booth, and I got my first set of Tim Holtz textured fade folder, made by Sizzix.   If you are familiar with the Cuddlebug folders, it is the same thing, and you can use these with the Cuddlebug. (Even though Sizzix highly recommends you use them with the Big Shot and any of their machines.   The only thing I was not pleased with this vender, is they had catalogs out in the open of the booth, and then he tells people you have to spend $50 to get the books.  It should have been on a sign somewhere.  
After I made the purchase, we walked around a little more, and along the way were booths with the beginner or busy person in mind.  This vender, whose name I really did not pay attention to, had page kits and pages already put together.   I looked but did not purchase, because I am trying to have something like that as one of my products, but it is nice to see someone else doing it.   I wish I had time to ask her questions about her success in this line of scrapbooking, but I was leaving in a few moments and she was busy with customers.   The next booth had scrapbooking supplies that I normally buy at Archiver’s, so I did a hit and miss with that vender.


I have not eaten so me and mom grabbed a bite at the only two carts at the expo.  I did not feel like eating tacos, so it was off to the next one.  I wish I had grabbed a taco.   First off, the woman acted like she could not wait until she left for the evening, then she threw together a deli sandwich the way I do it at home if I was in a hurry.   The meat was very cold the bread (which was white bread) was even colder.   My sandwich had cheese on it, and the woman forgot to put some on mommy’s.  The sandwich was roast beef was dry, even after I put mayo on it.   Let’s just say that the lunch was not worth the $8.00 she charged.

Back to looking

Next place was Jillibean.   I like this line, because she names her seasonal line usually after soup, and I love soup.  I bought 4 piece of Easter paper from the “Southern Chicken Dumpling Soup” line. As well as some labels and a pack of Wood Flags (made of real wood).   Next stop was a place where a guy was selling Washi Tape.   Washi tape is to me paper tape that was all the rage in Japan, and made it here to the United States and the rest of the world for decorating purposes.   It is often transparent, comes in bright and cheery colors.   Many companies from the vender I am talking about, to Tim Holtz to K and Co (Makers of the Smash book).  On his website, the vender sells the Washi Tape for about $3.00 a roll.  At the expo, he was charging $4.00.   What gives?  Unless you have a great big bill to pay for when you get home, please do not over charge your customers.   I just walked away, and I will get Washi tape either on his website, or purchase elsewhere.  My last place I visited before going home was a vender selling Cricut cartridges.   Here is another tip:  Get them on Ebay, unless there is a sell going on at Mikes, Hobby Lobby, or Joanne’s.  You are better off.  I had to have the cart, “New Testament”.  Why?  Because I could not wait for it to go on sale at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Or Joanne’s.  I need to work on some Easter cards, ASAP.   It is “Stop the Presses” time.  Mom wants Easter cards to send out, Other than that, New Testament would have to wait.

My overall feelings…

I love shopping for scrapbooking stuff.  I cannot get too much right now because of budget constraints.   Other than that, I like to stock up on supplies.   I would have enjoyed it more if I did not have only two hours to get everything (mommy had to check on the nephew’s homework and call his teacher before 3pm, plus we had church revival that night).   If you are the type of person who loves going to expos like this, have fun, and would on projects at the same time, this is for you.   I am disappointed that there were a lack of local (Columbus area) scrapbooking stores who participated this year, but then we had 4 LSS ( local scrapbook store (s) ) closed for good between last year’s expo and this year.   Unless I am willing to order online, deal with Mike’s or Joanne’s, or drive to either Easton Town center, Grove City, or Powell, Ohio, there are no more LSS for me to go to,  My mom, who is not a scrapbooker enjoyed herself, and we ran into one of the members of the church we belong to.


Here are the tips I find useful:

  • Plan ahead and know your budget.  Ever if you have paid all your bills, and gone grocery shopping for the month or have money like “The Donald”, still have a budget.
  • Check to see what you have, and what can wait until you do go to a “brick and mortar”, and get you basics there.  Sometimes these venders have sales, and maybe not.
  • Pack a lunch.  Yes most of these places have food, but they are usually higher in price, and not good for you.
  •  Go with someone.  A friend or a family member can help with you budget.
  • Get items that you cannot find at the LSS.
  • Do not stress and have fun.  Have plenty of money, and have a backup system in case the fund run out.   

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