Monday, May 9, 2011

It's Here!!!!!

As promised, E2 (Cricut Expression 2) has arrived. The stalking of the tracking number on is over. OK, for those of you who are expecting one from, I want to give you a few pointers:

1)      Do not tackle the UPS person.  They have a job to do, and they have done their job well (that is delivering your new toy (or baby if you have no children) in one piece.  

2)      It is a heavy box.  Muscles is key.

3)      The company really taped the box, the secondary box and the machine.   Do not panic, this is a safety measure.

4)      You get with your machine the following:

a.       One mat

b.      Power cord

c.       Manual

d.      Certificate of authenticity.  Great for scrapbooking.

e.       UBS cord

f.       Four books for the 4 carts already installed

g.      Blade housing.  Note: Be very careful when you open the plastic for the blade housing.  Me and E2 had out first fight.  When I got my expression and baby bug, the blade was separate from the housing.  With the E2, the blade is already in the housing.  Not thinking, I stabbed my finger, and drew blood.   My finger is fine, but do be careful.

h.      Stylus.   Note:  the stylus is located in the cover.   Got the tip from Robyn the Pink Stamper.

5)      Once you plug up E2, turn it on, and it will guide you to the calibration screen.   Take your stylus, and tap your screen on the “x’s” that appear.

6)      Register your machine, by going to   I have not seen the cartridges to register as of yet, so I assume that once you register the machine, they are registered as well.

7)      Have fun

Well, I am going to play now, so I will show you what I made when I get finished.   God Bless.

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