Monday, May 9, 2011



I hope everyone had a happy mother's day.  I fixed my mother dinner, and celebrated my sister and future sister in law just the same.  I am now sitting on pins and needles right now.    Any moment now, a big box will be delivered to me by the UPS person (started to say man, but I have seen what some of us can lift, especially when we are getting a new toy, LOL.)  In the box will be the newest member to my little cricut family, E2.   E2 is short for the Cricut Expressions 2, 5th anniversary edition.    The funny thing about the whole thing is 1)  I am stalking my UPS tracking number.  2)   I keep opening the door.   3)  I am jumpy ( do not know why, the person is going to ring my doorbell, I guess, they like to knock a lot around here.)  5) I was not going to get it, after all, I want the Cricut Imagine so bad, and still will get it.   6)  OK, so my original one is 6 years old, and my E1 is 3, no big whoop there, LOL.   7)   4 installed cartridges is not a bad deal.    8)  Did I say that I was stalking the UPS tracking number?

In the meantime, I am about to say goodbye to oldest member of my cricut family.   Yep, I am selling my baby bug (original).   It is bittersweet, because I need to make room (living in a small townhome is not fun), and I still love it, but at the same time, it is for the best.   If no one buys it, I will still keep it, because it is in a cover with a handle.   I will jut have to finagle space.   I have the listing currently on ebay, then if that does not work, then it is on to Craig's list.

I am pushing to do some projects with the E2 (that is why I am stalking the tracking number, LOL)  Robyn the Pink Stamper has a give-away that ends at 10pm CST (11pm my time) They are challenges, and I want to put E2 through its paces.   The prize is an Imagine.  Oh that would look good, LOL.    I hope to enter, but if it is too late, and it has not gotten here (they promised by the end of the day), I may need to rethink my projects, and do all cutting with E1.   Oh, did I tell you that this E2 is upgradable by Wifi?   This means that I need a router (I have one, but it came with the Dell Dimension, which is now deceased), so I want a new one to go with this almost 3 year old computer. (got it 3 weeks before my neice Nine'na was born.)  does that mean that every once in a while I can get a new cartridge in an update?   Probably or probably not.  Wo knows.    I will post when I have it all figured out.   God Bless.

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