Friday, February 19, 2010

A stall, and a lack of concentration but I will make it.

Well, on February 9, if you all have been following my posts, I have my first card set on Etsy. they cannot promise that these cards will sell right away. In case you have ever been interested in selling you artwork or whatever you make on Etsy, they will hold it for 4 months, longer than Ebay, but in the next few days, I am going to list something on Ebay to compair the two. Now I am stalling with my next set. I have the idea, it is going to be two male cards, juvenile. I need a business plan, I need organization, and I know it. When I was just doing it, making things, I felt good. Iam not saying that do not enjoy it. I think that this weather is getting to me. There is snow, snow, and more snow, and the next storm system is next Monday, and I have a class on Tuesday. They canceled it from the 9th, and it is at Archivers. My week looks like this: My nephew Mike's 14th birthday is Monday; Class on Tuesday; networking event, to which I have a table at in on wednesday; then the rest as far as going out in finished after that.

These are the cards that I am submitting for the next swap I am on, and I will be making more for the store. Story: I was looking for a male card to make. I was thinking of my youngest nephew, Deonte, who will be 3 in May, so I was looking for something super simple that he would be able to recognize. So, I pulled out the My Community Cartridge, and I never really played with it before. I got this cart free in 2008, when Provocraft had a rebate. when you purchase the Cricut E from, I believe it was from November 17-December 31, 2008, and send in the receipt, you got Printing 101 and My Community cartridges. OK, enough of the chit-chat.

From the My comm Cart, I cut out the car, sign post and road, and adhere them to a piece of generic yellow cardstock card blank. the card blank itself is a standard A2 size (or 4.25 x 5.5) card. I went to MS word this time to print out the Happy Birthday on plain printer paper. I left the inside of the card blank so that the receiver can put in their own personal note to the child. You cannot see it through the photo, but I do have a sun, and the sun came by way of George and shape cart. I do not use this foundation cart much, as I do not use my baby cricut much. I know it does not have all the cool features that the Espression and the Create has, but I still like it. the sun was made from my scraps, Kind of a silky piece of paper from Reminence and the other side has an easter saying on it. would you believe it is from the end piece from the stack of paper, and I nabbed it when I was putting away paper at Archivers, two years ago. well, the paper companies got wise, and no longer send a dud piece (the one that says"time to reorder") with their packs of paper.

So my total lack of concentration was not a total lost. I just need to organize. Oh, and I am working on my double scraproom. Double, you say? Yes, I said double. When you are single, it is good to be selfish, because I do not get to hear the words, "where is my space?" from a hubby or children. The main scraproom is on the second floor, but I do most of my work downstairs in my office, so that is how I am preping for that. I also need a place to plop my baskets, and have a space upstairs for that. hopfully I get to plop it all in one space in a few months.

February specials in Longaberger Land.

Check here for all Longaberger specials going on my website. You have one more week to get fall/Winter Products. If you are new to Longaberger products, I think you wil like what you see, and as always, i you have any questions, please email, or comment to this post. Well it is time to turn in, I hope I will have more cards or other paper products to show next time. God Bless you.

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