Friday, February 26, 2010

Name change

Just a quick little note that I have changed this blog's name from Tricia's Treasure to MDN Creates, which is my card business name.    I am also getting ready to create a blog just for my Longaberger business just to not confuse the two.  I feel it is time to get serious about this business.

Correction:   I made one tiny little boo-boo in my last post.   I forgot to list the link to my Etsy account.   I it listed to the side.   I only have one item, with four more ready to make their debut, as soon as I take a picture.

Last quick note about Longaberger.

This is my last entry in this blog about Longaberger, except that I will announce the new name of the blog.   In the meantime, if you want to order, you have 3 days before February and Fall/winter items are gone.   I invite you to visit my website, to order, or if you want to join my team.

Take care and God Bless You

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