Friday, February 5, 2010

Ah!!! Snow...

Don't you just love it, LOL? I know, I know, I have now written here is almost a month. Before I report about the snow, I have news to share. I no longer have a steady paycheck. This was my choice. Last post, I said I was leaving, and the week before my last employee crop I went to, I wrote my manager a letter, stating that I was leaving at the end of the month, and do not schedule me after January 31, and she did not schedule me after...January 17th. That was not what I asked for, but OK, I did not fight it. I just hope that I got paid for the last day that I was not supposed to work. OK, scratch that, I did not. OK, I never could keep up what weeks got paid for with what weeks. so now the last day I was not supposed to work was paid two weeks ago. BUMMER!!! I think she intentionly did that.

...So you know what means....

I am officially in business with my cards. After all, I can have my Longaberger business while working, but making cards and other paper type stuff. In case you are now just getting into this blog, I have two businesses, and I unofficially started the card business, called MDN Creates, inc. two years ago. I started only doing papercrafts for family and friends, and they did not have to pay me for my stuff, but they did sometimes. life was wonderful, selling for a wonderful company like Longaberger, and making my own cards and scrapbooking albums on the side was wonderful while working for a scrapbooking store. In December, my manager asks me to read and sign the new employee book. I read it, and saw that I could no longer do what I love for family and friends, and I know that at least my relatives were going to pay for supplies, but no more. I have always toyed with the idea of leaving Archivers, and knew that a person has to leave one day, so I made that decision to leave. no job was going to stop me doing what I really love. Again, they had no problems with me selling Longaberger.

Two types of Disney...

There is the franchise. Love it, but sometimes, change is a bad thing. My beloved Fantasyland, which I love, will be undergoing a change. I do not like this at all. will have to explain in a separate blog. then there is scrapbooking. I am on a yahoogroup called scrapping Disney. It is a fun group, and it is simply that, scrapbooking your Disney trip. if you want to join this group just go to the yahoogroup area of Yahoo. You do have to get an account if you do not already have one. you can also google it (do not ask me how to work yahoo search engine, I am sure it is the same principle as google and put in the search term, scrapbook and Disney, and the group will appear.

Anyway I entered my first swap with this group. I had a female card (which you saw, and i have as my avatar). The next is a scrapbooking page from a sketch, and it looks like this :
It is made with: 1 sheet of bazzill (12x12); 1 sheet of coral cardstock (from Archivers-12x12); 1 sheet of bazzill white(8 1/2 x 11); 1 sheet of Mickey Stripe (use the bottom half to make a pocket. black letters, 1 sheet of black cardstock for the extra photo card, which is 4x6. Ribbon to match.

...And what is with the white stuff.

Like I said, I am snowed in. Columbus, Ohio rarely gets caught in the middle of a snow storm, but...HERE IT IS!!!! I would have documented in pictures, but I have on short sleeves, and the heater on, LOL. Wow!!! I remember my first snow storm in Columbus. My father was in the Air Force, and had worked the night security police position the night before, and the snow started. I was in the 8th grade, and my brother was in the 2nd. My sister was not born yet (1988). This happened during the winter of 1978. Me, my mother, and brother was hudled in the basement on the sofa bed, while my father was in a barricks room. School of course was cancelled, and it was bitterly cold outside. Ahh, good times.....NOT!!

Now, here we are, in separate homes, me in my home, my brother in his in Dayton, Ohio, my parents and my brother's son in their home, while my sister and her little ones are in their home.

.....and what's for dinner...

Well, I am sort of lazy today, so I went to grilled pork shoulder and filled tortilla, which is a knock off from a You Tube vid titled Chinese street food. in the video, the person makes a crepe like bread, breaks an egg on it, and spreads it on it. then they add green onion, no cheese (I do not believe that the Chinese use cheese in any recipe), and bean paste. then they fold it over, put some kind of cracker, and fold it over again. they put it in a plastic bag or hands it to the customer, and off you go. my version is much, much different, but simular. I use a tortilla instead of crepe batter. I poke tiny holes in it, so it will not poof so much. No onions, even though i love onions. Sorry, no bean paste, I use Kraft's tomato and basil dressing instead. No crunchy cracker. To me, it taste just as good. Of course, I do not know what bean paste taste like, and I do not want to know what beans they use. They are probably not grown in the USA.
Well that is part 1, I will be back for part 2....

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