Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first Disney Layout

I got a new cricut cartridge, Mickey and Friends, and made my first Disney layout with it. the background paper is by Sandylion called Mickey Paper-Red Polka dots. It reminds you of Minnie's Dress, but I chose the Mickey Head, for no specific reasons other then it reminds people where it all started. I cut the mats with my dreamKutz Machine, and made then 4x6. The journal block is 3 x 5 aprox. For each of the pages, I have a quote. the quote on the first page has the definition of the word "Memories", and the second page has the quote, "It was all started with a Mouse." The story behind the layouts are explained in my previous entry. I am going to try to do a couple more. One more with the Cricut, and one with Jolee's embelishments.

One card.

I made a card last week. it is a monocrome purple card.

When I was an avid buyer of QVC (meaning everytime there was a scrapbooking day, I bought like crazy).
buying scrapbooking kits was my thing, until I was hired by Archiver's in 2005. I loved my craft and hobby days (now called Scrapbooking segments I believe), and I set aside my activities just for that day. I know, sick huh? well those days are behind me, and in this economy (well before the meltdown), you have to use what you have, and I did not know how much I had, until I started going through my things. I am sure you have found some things, for those of you who scrapbook. Anyway, this card was made with one of those kits I bought during one of those Craft and Hobby days at QVC. I do not have the original instructions on how to make the card they intended on being made, and I do not think they care if I make a totally different card. the only thing I supplied was the blank card. This was a generic card, but I have others that can make birthday, thank you, thinking of you, and sympathy. I believe there is a get well one too. My challenge to you this week is to make something using only what you have. if you have a page kit, do not follow their instructions, make something new out of it. Turn a scrapbooking page kit into cards, and turn a card kit into a scrapbooking page. You are only allowed to buy adhesive. Have fun with it. That is your challenge, if you choose to take it. let me know how you did.

Well that is it for now. Remember to look at my Longaberger website. Lots of new items. that address is My other challenge to you is become an entrepeneur. You do not have to be a Longaberger consultant (although I would love to have you on my team), if you make jewelery, and you love doing it, start a business. If you love giving advise about marketing, you can do that too. There are all sorts of businesses to start. I hope you find that passion inside of you, and God bless you.

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