Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello again,

I am posting twice, because I was having problems with format in the last one. As I explained in the last one, I finished some cards at a crop. I like this card, because I love when a idea comes together, but truth be told, I scraplifted this one. to the person who I scraplifted it from, thank you for this idea. It is my little country card, with the words, thinking of you.

This is a Happy birthday-Feminine card. If you live in Ohio and surrounding states, you know how many months in the year, where you have blah weather. this winter, I think most of the states had some type of blah weather, unless you enjoy outdoor winter sports. I got sick of it, so I thought I would have some colors to brighten my mood. The ribbon is what inspired it. I got it a long time ago from a Round Robin box. I like it then, and I like it now. I nomally will not do Orange. The Flowers I got accidently, as in I was filling one of the Hot Spot tubs at work, and I accidently wanted it, LOL. I have a dangerious job (Giggle). It is dangerious in this economy crisis.

This card, is a thinking of you card. I will sometimes (OK, most times) will create something simple.

The card has flowers from bazill and Heidi Swapp. Bazill cardstock is the background for the flowers, while the card blank is from unknown cardstock I bought a long time ago from QVC. In fact, I believe it was my last purchase with QVC, which was 2005. I have not purchased anything since I started working at Archiver's 3 years ago. I very seldom purchase anything from Michael's and Joanne's, unless Archiver's do not carry that line, or if I happen to be in the store for something else and I think of the item I need. I really wish that Archiver's would carried the cricut line again, but they stopped in 2006. Oh well. What can I say.

This next is simular to the pink card, and also say, Thinking of You. The Flower is also Bazzill. Got the pattern paper from the clearance bin of you know who. All of the sayings are rub-ons. the card blank is Archiver's cardstock. Confession time: I do not buy card blanks anymore, in fact, I have a DreamKuts machine that just paid for itself, two months ago, and once I get the Wild Cards cartridge for the Cricut, I believe I will help put the card blank companies out of business. I helped keeping them in business for years. Now if I can find a way to make envelopes. me and gluing paper for envelopes do not get along for a moment, LOL. Hey, if I can work a computer and a cricut machine, and produce midi files, I can make a simple little old envelope if I just take the time.

This card is super simple. green cardstock background. Flower rub-on and that Thinking of you rub-on. The ink edging is VersaMagic chalk ink, Oasis Green. I love doing this technique. some people take a makeup wedge or sponge to edge their cards, but I like to take the petite ink pads and edge with those. I do not know the proper technical name for that, so I just call it edging. If there is a proper name for it, please put it in the comments section.
this last card, I decided I was going to try to do a cut file in Design studio, but I did not design the cut file. One of the things I promised myself when I created this blog, is that I was not going to be one of those people, who uses someone else's stuff without giving them proper credit. I also compose music, and I think I sound pretty good, and when I get the nerve to, I may post it to this blog, but for now, lets leave it just that. I would hate to have someone else take credit for something I did that they are too lazy to do themselves, and that goes for my papercrafting as well. People work too hard for their craft. The strawberry was made by one of the ladies, whose blog I am following, OkieLadybug. If you are reading this OkieLadybug, I hope it is Ok for me to use it in a card swap, and I promise to not sell a card with this design on it, before getting your premission first.
With that being said, I will bid you a good night, and I hope you all will have a wonder week and weekend. God Bless You and Keep you in his tender care, and may you have Perfect Peace in your little corner of the world.

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