Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I am working on


I am only making this brief: How many of you keep up with your blog? I have been lazy, because I have been busy. OK, I will plead the fifth, and go on the side of lazy, with a touch of busy. I have 12 cards to make, 13 if you count for a friend who has been sick, and I am due to send out some cricut cutouts. I am almost due with the cutouts and the cards. the truth on the cards is creator's block. I have already created cards that have a flower, with some double matted, a couple of triple matted. I showed you my cricut bag creation, and now it must go away, but I have another one in the works.

My business is slowly coming along, and I will hope to have the other one planned and scoped out by Spring. other than that< everything is OK.

Well, I said it would be brief, so I will see you later.

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