Monday, March 25, 2013

Finally jumping on the E-book Market

Hello, I am posting a quick message:   I am finally starting my E-book.  I originally started this book in October 2012, and I thought I was ready to take the plunge.  I have way too much knowledge about paper crafting to just limit it to just a blog.  So I wrote 20 pages of it and I froze up.  "What was I doing?" I would ask myself, especially after I read back the intro to the original book.  The introduction section to the book was all about me and how I got started, and not at all about scrapbooking, so I shut down the process of writing it.
Fast forward to January 2013...
I found the original manuscript (I guess you can still call it that in the digital world), and the wheels in my head started turn once again, only this time, I looked at it with new eyes.  I still did not like what I had wrote so far, but I also started thinking, "if I was new to the world of scrapbooking, what do I want to know about it?"   So, to not give away the store, this is what I have come up with so far.... I am at the moment not writing the introduction until the last, because I want the reader to know what this book is all about, and what to expect.   Again, I also realized that the intro I wrote in the first book was an about the author, and NOT what the book was about.
Next, it will have a couple of articles I posted either on this blog or on Hubpages with new information added.  This includes a product review article I did on the Cricut Expression 2 Electronic Machine and some related products.  
One of the tips I got when I first got started, and I want to pass this along to you is , when starting an E-book is make sure you type it in a good word processing program.  I am using MS Word.  One of the reasons why I am using Word is it has a navigation pane on it.  I can put in my headers, and if I want to work on a section I can just go to it without scrolling.   I have not decided on the number of pages the book is going to be, but I am planning it as I go along.  I am hoping to be done in a month or less, if I do not let everything disrupt me from doing it.  When I am done, I will let you know, and where to go get it.
Later on today I have a card to show you.
You have a blessed day.

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