Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finished Layout: Splash Mountain

I apologized for not showing you the finished layout from last month.  That was very rude of me to forget that. and there was no excuse for it.

 Tip #1:  Never take a picture against a lit monitor.   The picture looks to bright.  

The blue background paper is from the Bazzill paper line and is called "Arctic".  It matches the picture perfectly against the dark blue sky, which is the backdrop of the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World.  I also took a clue from the browns and golds in the picture, and that is how I did the strips of paper.  I did a basket weave, but hid it under the picture, which is popped up on foam dots.  The printer would not cooperate and printed the picture off center on the printer paper, so I used the copy paper, turn the original photo over and mounted the copy on the printer paper.  I took an embellished pocket I made to look like a chalk board, and placed in the corner.  I traced a store bought tag with white chalk pencil.  The pocket part is half of the second tag.  When i actually go to Disney in December, I will be able to put a souvenir from the ride in it.   in the corner is a handmade journaling spot, which says :

Splash Mountain:

"My Almost experiences with this ride came in 2004 and 2007.  In 2004 at Disney World, I did not ride, because of a health warning sign.  In 2007, It was at Disneyland that the ride was closed.  I am riding it in 2013.  Forget ALL NAYSAYERS!"

The Green pocket says "Making a SPLASH  at Disney World."
Last, I have fake stitching  around the strips of paper to make it look like I took a sewing machine and stitched around it.

Thank you for looking and have a blessed day.

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