Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Pirate's birthday for me

I have a card for you today that will make any little pirate squeal with delight.  Again, super simple.  Your recipe card for this project is as follows:

1 half sheet of cardstock, scored at 4.5 (4 1/2)"
4 x6 sheet of pattern paper
3x5 index card for the inside (Optional)
die cut figure of a pirate (I used the paper dolls cartridge by Cricut, but any die cut from any die cut machine (manual or electric) would do)

Cut out your paper doll, and dress it up to look like a pirate.  On the cricut cartridge for both Paper dolls and Everyday Paper dolls, the figure comes with no expression, so the best way is to either draw on the face (if you are good a brave, or cheat by stamping on a face.  A good stamp company is a company called Peachy Keen Stamps.  Many people who use these two cartridges a lot, order from this company.  Get the one with a lot of expressions on it, that way you will only buy one package, which is very economical.  You can always buy another pack later.

Switching to the card itself.  score your half sheet of cardstock at 4.5" down the center.  Fold.   Next mat it with the pattern piece of paper.  Lastly, attach the paper doll.  Pop it up on 3-d dots, and center.  Last is the sentiment, which you can stamp, print on printer paper, then put a piece of same color cardstock behind it.  You can then lay it flat or pop it up as well.  I am doing the third option and trusting my sentiment to my own handwriting.  Since this is for a child, no fancy handwriting since the child is reading (or have the parents read for him) Same with if you decide to print it from the printer.  Save the scroll or cursive writing for weddings or something elegant and regal.

I hope you liked today's card, and you will make one for your little pirate.  Change it up, and make it your own.  If your little one does not like pirates, change out the figure by making them a sports figure, or of the card is for a little girl, turn the pirate into a ballerina, princess or even cupcakes if she is not into pirates.   Also change the size.  I will be honest, I wanted to make a true 4x6" card, and I scored it too short.  I loved the look, so instead of getting out a another sheet of cardstock, I kept it.  It is good to be A-symmetrical sometimes.  After all, your child is not looking for perfection, they are look for you, their parent.
They want you to make the cards for them instead of buy one.  They want your words on that card, not some copycatted word.  For the inside, the option here is to place a 3x5 card (lined or not).  write your best note on the inside on how you love your child or give a word of encouragement.  If you do not have a whole lot of money, make the card out of construction paper, and cut out with a pair of scissors some goofy little shape and place it on the card without the pattern paper.

Have fun and be blessed everyday.
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  1. Cute card. Sweet tutorial on the nowtbook you did too prior to the card


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