Thursday, December 22, 2011

I have been very busy lately. Part 1

Starting with December 3rd (yes, that long ago), I did a craft fair to which I was honored (as well as humbled) to participate in again this year.   The craft fair was sponsored by the Eastmoor High School PTA.   The first time was last year (2010).   I say that because for one, no one has ever asked me in the first place before (I have always seen the ad for venders, then apply), and second, the humbling part is that the only ones who bought again this year were the PTA participates and anyone who was using the school for some activity (which was not much).   Last year, it was just Longaberger and me (before I named it Tricia’s Baskets).  This year, it was both companies.  
For the Tricia’s Basket side (Longaberger), I had Travel Cups in one the school colors (Cornflower), Chocolate, Medallion, and Celebration.   Along with the cups, I had coffee packs that can be sold with them.   Sold none.   I also picked up some items from Homestead to be sold.   I had luggage tags, two Hershey cookbooks, two note pads, and a couple other things.   Sold none.

For the MDN Creates side, I made Post a note pads, made from a chipboard coaster, covered it, and hot glued the post a note pad on top.   Sold one.  Next, I covered some composition notebooks with pretty patterned paper.  Sold none.  I also made some cards and sold a few.   Finally for kicks I made a few bookmarkers and sold one.  I am learning that maybe I better find another craft fair next year.   Columbus has a huge Winterfair at the fairgrounds.  It is not for crafters, it is for artisans, which to me, I do not know the difference if you have a business.   This is what I was told.   Well, Starting January, I am going to start making lots more cards that could be sold through my Etsy shop (which I have been neglecting lately) or prepare for a both somewhere.  I am starving for my work (passion), so I think that makes me like them. 

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