Saturday, November 5, 2011

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

For those of you who do not know, I added writing to my list of things to do while keeping busy.  Writing, like my music (self-created or listening to someone else's music) relaxes me, and gives me a way to enhance other areas of my life (like promoting my businesses or other things).   Anyway, I took on a challenge on BlogHer to post for 30 days something.   Sometimes I will post a prompt they suggest (like today's prompt), and sometimes I will post what I normally post on this blog (such as an up and coming post on December 1st-a card with the theme of Christmas and Children).   
Well today's prompt is all about how I write.  The question is "When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?" When I started writing, it was personal, and something for my children to read long after I have passed away.   I wanted them to know what type of person I was before they were adopted, little notes of wisdom, and for them to know that they were not born in my belly, but in my heart.  Once I got bitten, I wanted to do something that allowed me to say something about the things I love to do, so I started this blog.   A few months later I split this blog up to allow people to learn more about The Longaberger Company, my individual business of being a consultant, and how a person can decorate and have their own business as a consultant.   

Back to the question.   As you see here, I love writing by computer rather by pen.   It is faster, and if I mess up, there is the delete button, and if I spell something wrong, there is the spell checker.   I have become too dependent on this little gift.   I do not shun the pen, because that is how I got started.  I started like many people, in Kindergarten, learning how to print.  by third grade, I learned the art of writing cursive, and all of a sudden, writing in my own handwriting became pretty.  

One tip for you: As much as computer writing is all the rage, and I do love it, DO NOT STOP WRITING IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING!  Yes I said it.   It shows you care, especially if you are send a personal note such as a thank you, or signing greeting cards.   Another reason for improving on your own handwriting:  What if you have to add your signature to an important document such as your new driver's license or a business document.   I know that school systems are now saying that it is not necessary for a child to learn cursive writing, and two states have cut it out altogether.   It is important for a parent to sit down to teach what school are now failing to do.   A child needs to learn the basics that will help them excel in life.  If not, then where does it leave a country that requires it in business, academics, and other aspects of life.   I am going to stop there, because I will go into some of the other things that children need to learn and computers may not be always available.

Enjoy your day, and I will talk to you later. God Bless You.   

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