Monday, November 7, 2011

New prompt:How do you balance your children, relationship, and work life?

First of all, I have not been very diligent about these prompts, but when I went to BlogHer to get my next Journal prompt for Sunday (because I was behind already), I found out that Blogher does not post these prompts on Saturday and  Sunday.   I am so glad.

Today's prompt:  How do you balance your children, relationships, and work life?   the prompt is by Ricky Lake.   Yes, that Ricky Lake who had a talk show, took time out for family, and then shows up on Entertainment Tonight, before signing up to do Dancing With the Stars this season.   I hope she wins.

Anyway, I have been bad in this area for a long time.   First of all, I do not have any kids, and I am not married.   I still have a mother and a father, who is still married after 50 years.  This rarely happens, and I thank God for it.   they are raising my oldest nephew.   I will tell you in another post the day I thought they were getting a divorce.   It is hilarious now, and I was 12 at the time.  My brother, who lives in another city, with his fiancee and their cute little bungle of joy.   His is the youngest nephew, brother to the oldest one.  My sister lives here with her two kids, middle nephew, and only niece.   So I try to spend time with everyone.   I am currently not in a relationship, so forget that.   I do want a man who will except who I am, and please do not change me from me.  I like me, and I like support, so if he can get to the support part, I will be fine.   I will only change to include him in my life, and we should be comparable,and he will have to except that I also do things for my church.
Lastly, there is my work-life.  You know, I am finding out that it is not easy to do the combo.  It seems that everyone it not getting the whole self employment thing.  It does not mean that I will never have another outside or corporate job again.  I am taking a time-out from them, because well, my last paycheck was not good, and neither were my hours.  I go back from time to time, and I see they have hired anymore people.  In fact everyone I knew, except three people are gone.   I guess they all found out what I knew all along, because I was the first in a string of people, who decided to quit.

I need to get better at this thing called a work life balance.   How about you?   Do you have a balance, or is it one-sided?    God Bless, and Good night.


  1. I don't really have balance in my life (retired, gronw children, one grandchild, freelance job), but I like it that way. Balance is boring! Better to be a little bit off-balance most of the time--keeps you alert.

  2. Sorry I am now getting back to this. I agree with you. I have tried, and if it happens, it happens. If not, so be it.


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