Thursday, September 29, 2011

Misty waters....or spray to your heart's content

A few months ago, I joined my favorite online scrapbook supply store's buying clubs.   In case you are not familiar with what a buying club is, a buying club is a club where you are committed to buy a particular product for x number of months.  For instance, say you join a Copic Marker Club with your LSS (Local Scrapbook Store). In that club, you are committed to buy 4 Copic Markers for $36.00 (before tax and shipping), and it is for 6 months.   The LSS decides that they will pick and choose the colors you get.   That means you are locked into that price for the next 6 months, probably will have first pick before the rest of the customers, and you get something free at the end of the club like an extra marker.   
That is not bad for the price, and I have enjoyed every single club I belong to.   You can build on your collection (say you have 4 Glimmer Mists, and you need more).   You are locked into special pricing that would otherwise be ignored.

Technique Thursday…

I am inserting something in this blog, that from time to time, I do not have full knowledge of, because I am just now learning about it myself, or I know very little about.    Like I said earlier, I was in a buying club, and I am in another one this time around.    The club I just got finished with is for Glimmer Mist.   Misting your projects is the new trend these days, and I have had fun re-coloring flowers, adding spritz of color on a layout or a card.    I was going through my emails, and I found an article on the different misting sprays out in the marketplace.    I would to share it with you.    This article is from Simply Scrapper, and I get their daily email, although I never have the time to read it.   The title caught my eye, while I was waiting for meatballs to thaw out for me to cook.  This post was written by a guest writer, Jennifer Smith-Sloane of Live.Teach.Create:
”Have you ever walked into a scrapbook store and seen all the great new products on the shelf and just been overwhelmed at where to start with them?  I was that way when I first saw TatteredAngels Glimmer Mist on the shelf of my local store. Then the next thing I was seeing was MayaRoad Maya Mists, StudioCalico Mr. Huey, and even more.
I came home and went online to do some research and found out that there were even more different types of misting products and I was just floored.  I had to know more about these products because I definitely saw them in my crafting projects but didn’t know where to start.
Most of the mists on the market are a water-based spray infused with color.  Some of them (like Glimmer Mist) have glitter within the spray while others (like Mr. Huey) are a more opaque color mist.  Each of the different types of mists have great purposes in scrapbooking and crafting.
  • Using a mist to cover a background is a great way to get a custom color for your cardstock, tags, or even alter the paper that you are using.
  • Using a mist to alter a white flower or other embellishment is a great way to make your supplies last longer.
  • Layering mist colors can help you create some unique color combinations that no one else out there will have because every time you do it you will create something new.
Taking the sprayer off the mist bottle and using a paint brush to paint the mist on is another way to use your mists. It acts like a water color and will accent your project beautifully and in most cases give a more concentrated color.”

I would like to add some tips help you along the way, if you decide to add some misting colors:
1.      When applying color, remember not to over saturate the item.   When you do that, particular with paper, it will cause the paper to either curl up, tear up at the slightest touch, and it will take several hours to dry.
2.      This also goes for layering colors.  Too much of a good thing can leave a project looking muddled, so be careful when applying.
I hope you do learn from these tips that both me and Jennifer have to offer.   As always, if you have any questions, be sure to ask them either in the comments section or email me at  God bless you, for he is worthy to be praised.

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