Monday, September 26, 2011

Card a Day post

Today, I want to share with you something special.   I am a new team member of a blog called Card a day.   The purpose of this blog is to give you inspiration on card ideas.  When I get stuck, or if I want to know how to make a card, I often turn to other blogs for help.   I find it most helpful, when I can find inspiration in them.
The reason why I mentioned this is this Friday, I will be participating in a Christmas blog hop.  Yes, it is that time of year again, and I like to start early, sometimes in July.   No I do not decorate that early.  For me, it is a mindset.   I start thinking about the reason for the season. 

For those of you who will agree with me for a moment, it is not about the presents under the tree, taking pictures with Santa and giving him you wishlist.  It is not about decorating the house, the office parties, and seeing who can hang the most lights (go to You Tube, and search under Christmas lights, and you will see what I mean, LOL.)  It is not about getting away for a winter vacation.   All of those are nice, but for me, the first thing is the day that Jesus was born, in a manger.  His mother did not take Lamaze classes for proper breathing techniques, rushed off to the hospital when the labor pains started, given meds to ease the pain, pushed on queue when the doctor told her to push, and finally got to see her precious baby laying in a bassinet with all the other babies.   Where Jesus was born, it was very unsanitary, animals all around, no meds to ease the pain.  It was as natural as they came.  In fact, the inn keeper did not bump people so Mary would have a place to lay her head.   Jesus’ bassinet was a watering trough for animals.

When I was little, I loved dolls, and often played mommy.  I had to have one every Christmas, and it had to be the latest and greatest.   Today, I still love them, and I had been known to buy one or two in the past.   Now, they are for display.  I have 6 cabbage patch dolls and a Christmas 1997 Barbie, still in the box.   I remember my tea sets when I was little and my two easy bake ovens.  I was one of those little girls who just a touch of tomboy in her, which is why I had mud tea parties.   I would make mud pies and cakes but on the other hand, I would be just as girly, wanting everything pink and frilly.   I also climbed trees in a dress.  Go figure.   Today, I am still girly, and still love pink.   I love getting dressed up, but I have my down moments in jeans and a t-shirt.   My mom started the girly obsession, and I did not stop here, LOL.   My mom did the same with my sister, but she is the opposite of me.  Now to get my sister back, my niece is so girly at 3, until is it so funny.  It has to be pink or purple colored stuff.

The point I am making is Christmas is what you make of it.   Some people can be very religious about it, or too commercialized about it.

Back to the start of this post.   As I was saying, I am part of a design team, and we are having a Blog Hop, October 1-2, 2011.   I was in one a few months ago, with a different person, and I had a blast.   I will be working on my Christmas card, and a giveaway, known in the blog world as blog candy.   I will probably make something, and have something from my stash.  Please stay tuned as I will try to start doing a post a day for everything I write for.   God Bless.

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