Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quick blog post: What is on your desk...

I am not sure why I entered this, except I follow Creations with Christina (, and I saw this post.   She was asking the question, What is on my desk.   Well, here is my challenge (and just to let you know Christina, I have TWO desk I scrapbook on, my computer and a crafting table):

Picture #1 has a far shot of my crafting desk, Picture #2 has both desk together, and Picture #3 has a close up of my crafting desk.  I have not quite finished cleaning up from an envelope swap I finished doing.   I am still in the middle of making my mom's cards.

Well that is a quick blog post, and the end of my Challenge.  Good night, and God Bless you.


  1. oh thank goodness I thought my table was always messy and keep trying to tidy it but now I think all crafters have messy tables.

  2. LOL! Your space and mine look very similar! Messes mean your creative!


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