Thursday, January 23, 2014

Technic Thursday: Cricut Explore

photo by Capadia Designs
It has been quite a while since I have done a review on the Cricut machines, and I realize that I am still getting hits on my article on Hubpages, and there has been lots of changes in the Cricut camp (namely ProvoCraft) since I published it.  For instance, Cricut Imagine has had its issues (such as long software updates), and PC has decided to no longer make it and support it.  This makes it the biggest and the heaviest paperweight I have ever owned.  No love for the Gypsy or Design Studio either.  PC has even replaced beloved key people (like Jinger Adams) with people who could care less if you are happy sending that third machine back to them or not.  People were mad, furious, and they started to gravitate towards the Silhouette Cameo, making it the star of the electronic die cutting world.
Who would blame them?  I, myself started thinking about doing the same thing.  In October 2013, I did a little updating to my condo, by adding new carpet and painti
ng the walls downstairs and my upstairs hallway.  I had to move everything out to do it.  In the process, I lost two major cords; the cord to my musical keyboard (it takes ‘D’ batteries) and the cord to my Cricut Expression 2.  I know, tragic.  It was either upgrade to the Cameo or replace the cord.  I replaced the cord, but I am still thinking about replacing the CI with the Cameo.  That is, until I heard about the new Cricut Explore this week.
I am partial to the Cricut line, so much until I gave a friend of mine the Cricut Expression 1, and I have not looked back.  She loves it.  So what makes this new machine so special that it would make a former Cricut user switch back? We will have to wait and see.  
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Cricut Explore is being claimed as the easiest design and cut system in the world, according to PC.  You can go from a design in progress to a complete design in just a few clicks (so yes, you will need a computer for it).  This new machine does it all:  It cuts, embosses, it allows you to design with brand new software called Space.  You can cut with the cartridge you already own and will get in the future, and it draws. (Unlike the Imagine which just prints and cuts.)  The main complaint that customer have had in the past with PC was not being able to use SVG file with the machine.  The good news is, with the new machine, you can without buying the special software that PC sued other companies about in the past.  You can even use it with your Ipad and other tablet computers.
Like a kid in a candy store, I cannot wait to try it.  It is supposed to debut on HSN (Home Shopping Network) in Mid-February, stores in March.  Like everyone else who have had problems with their current machines and with customer support on those machines, it is a wait and see for me. I need to see this thing in action.  So it is one thing to have this thing become Cameo’s main competitor, it is another to have this machine work for you on day one.   If I get it on launch day, it will be with HSN’s flexpay.

When I get my new machine, I will do a review on it for those of you on the fence by the time it launches on HSN.  In the meantime, I will once again play with my other two (I can get by without updating the Imagine if I need to cut and print).  And you stay safe and warm in this frigid weather.  Be blessed, my friend, and create something wonderful. 

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  1. I feel the EXACT same as you. I bought a mini - couldn't get it working......tried and expression - still not impressed. This time I'm gonna wait and find out what OTHERS are saying - if ppl switch like crazy to the explore- I'll get it - if not - I'm getting a Silhouette. End of story! I want to have something that will work with Stampin up Design Software - and it uses SVG and I would like to get free files online....or buy just the image I use....Not a whole cartridge for $50+. I look forward to your review!


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