Tuesday, January 14, 2014

a crafty 2014...A redo

Happy New Year, Crafters
Today is one of those Q and A sessions, which is part “get it off my chest” and part everything else.   My intention was never to unload, which I am not, but I have to say something.
Do you feel the scrapbook/crafting world and industry is changing?   The reason why I am asking you this question can be answered in 3 problems I see:
1.       Every time I close my eyes, and LSS (Local Scrapbook Store) is closing.   I was on Facebook two weeks when I read a comment from my friend and former manager informed me and anyone who scrapbooks that Archiver’s was closing.   I sat there to let the news sink in and let out a great big, WTF?  Yea, it was that kind of night.  Archiver’s has been in business for 14 short years.  That is a teen for goodness sake.  I should have known this when my hourly salary stopped at $8.15 and I was cut down from 35-40 to 20 to 4 hours a week by 2010, but I thought as I had my last hours as an associate on January 17, 2010 they would bounce back.  I should have known this when the Mall of America location closed in July 2013, making it the first time Archiver’s did not have a Scrapfest in that location since it opened.  The final “nail in the coffin” act was when Memory Lab opened in every location.   They already had a machine that could print out pictures for you.  It was there before I started working there, but in a way, I thought the memory lab was a way of increasing customers who did not have a computer.  I will miss this store.  Now in my area there will only be three LSS other than the Michaels/Joann/Hobby Lobby, which I really do not like to shop at.   I will tell you later.

2.      Digital anyone?   One of the reason why Archiver’s and the others are closing is digital scrapbooking.  It seems that nobody wants to take the time to get down and dirty.   What do I mean?  Look at this:  You have Shutterfly and other companies like it, who make it easy for a non-crafter to make a layout, but pointing and clicking one.  Print it out on your printer, and you have instant scrapbook that you can email or Facebook to family and friends.  $7.99 and up should do it. Send out Cards do digital for greeting cards.  All you have to do is to find a personal greeting card, complete with information you type on your computer, and they will mail it for you.  It saddens me that no one wants to glue, embellish, or use a die-cut machine anymore.  “Too much time,” they say.  I love home-made stuff.  No two are alike.
3.       Speaking of alike, have you been in a Michaels/Joann’s/Hobby Lobby lately?   Here is the average person’s visit to the store:  When you go in, you must have a list.  If you do not, you may miss something, like you ad that the company conveniently forgot, because it is on a smartphone that you conveniently do not have.   “We cannot have paper coupons, oh no, because it cost too much to produce.”  That’s fine for me, because I am constantly in my text messaging and social media, but your average senior is not.  I would love to see a mixture again.  Also there are no associates who can help a person anymore. They are hired to stock only in my opinion.  At Archiver’s I stocked, greeted customers, demoed products that a customer had a question about, answered the phone, called customers to remind them the product they ordered is ready or their class was the next day, and rung up customers when they are ready to purchase.  That is the mark of good customer service.  What these associates do in these three store chains isn't customer service.  And last, they are chains.   No personality there.   If I really want something, I have to order it online.   This is why I really do not like shopping at these stores.

Well that is it.  I do not want to take up any more of your time.  Have a blessed 2014, and happy crafting.
Card #1 By P.lynne Designs
Card #2  By P.Lynne Designs

Card #3 By P.Lynne Designs

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