Friday, August 31, 2012

With Faith,There is Hope

Today I made a "With Faith" Card.  Again as always it is a simple card.  I made one several months ago with this technique, and it did not turn out quite like I wanted it to.  I saw it on a You Tube video, and now that I made this card, I now know what I did wrong on the first card.  I did not have a glue sheet.  double-sided glue sheet is the key to making the card the way it is supposed to look.  Now I know I need to have these on hand (I had a sheet big enough to cover the card mat).  would you believe I made the card blank and the mat out of one sheet of cardstock!   I will show you how below...

Recipe card:

1 sheet of 8.5" x 11 sheet of white or Kraft cardstock (I will tell you why no other color will do for this card)
1 paper pad of 6x6 paper
Poem of your choice, printed.
1 sentiment
1 sheet of double-sided glue sheet.

That's it!! Let get started.

Prep work

  1. Cut your cardstock paper in half, going across,
  2. fold one part in half to make the card blank, set aside.
  3. Take the other half, and cut it in half.  This is your mat, and you make have to cut it down to size you want for the front of the card.   Set aside.
  4. Take 3-4 sheets of the paper pad and with your paper trimmer or a pair or scissors, cut 1" strips of paper. set aside   Now you are ready to assemble the card.
  5. Take the glue sheet and place on top of the mat, being careful of removing the film and laying it on top.  Once it is stuck, it's stuck.  Do not remove the top layer of the glue sheet.  Trim to size.
  6. Next take the top layer of the glue sheet off, again being very careful. Start placing the strips of patterned paper on top of the glue sheet.  It do not matter what pattern you use.  You can go straight up and down, stagger for a brick pattern, or do like I did and place it diagonally.
  7. Next glue the mat to your card base.  Set aside.  Now let's work on the inside of the card,
  8. Take the poem you selected for your inspiration and if you are using a computer, you can print it out on the printer, if not, if you have neat handwriting, you can write a short poem or quote out. I chose "Don't Quit" by an unknown Author.  Once you do that, cut to fit the inside of the card and glue it down.  A beautiful option would be to print it on Vellum.
  9. Return to the front of the card, and you can place a sentiment on the front of the card.
  A word about why you use Kraft or white paper:  I use on of these two colors so that the color of the card or mat does not have an adverse effect on the pattern paper and make them clash.    This is the same reason behind me choosing paper from a paper pad instead of the individual papers.  Black cardstock works just as well, and as long as the paper is in the same brand, you can choose individual papers.  It save time and money in the long run.
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  1. Beautiful card Patricia, wow it has a really cool effect about it. Now I'll have to get some adhesive pieces in so I can give this a try.TFS


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