Saturday, August 18, 2012

Be cheerful..

Hello, I have made another card for the Card a Day Blog.  This time, it is for cheering up a friend or two.  It is called cheer up my friend, and it uses up your scraps.  This card is simple and easy to make and your ingredients are:

2 sheets of cardstock
Patterned paper
Copic or your favorite brand of marker
fine-tip pen.

I have an odd sized card, and to be honored no measuring it required for this card, but if you know portions, that is ok.  for this card the trick it to make it symmetrical. To do that, know the center point of the card, and you will know where to place the middle of the top of the card base.  Once you get the layering effect you want, add the tag (which is the free drawn image was colored with copic makers.   Add the bow, and you are done.  An alternative to this card is  to cut the card mats into a shape, add a label instead of a tag, and print your sentiment on that.
Have a good and blessed day, always
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