Monday, April 30, 2012

I am behind...

Hello and good morning.   I posted something a couple weeks ago, and now I can say that I am behind on little task...getting my first items out on Etsy to sell.   I knew I was going to set myself up for this moment in time.   I am working on so many things, and I really need to slow down, take a minute or two, and really think about what I am doing here.   This includes prices (which will not be high, I promised), and transferring that data from Excel to Access.   How hard is it to get Access to read an Excel file and converting it? (Big ugly grin)  I think I can get it after two glasses of wine.  (just kidding)

I did a real boo-boo.   I was supposed to do a Card a Day post for the Card a Day Blog yesterday.  Again my oversight, and I apologize again for the mix-up.   Here is the real kicker:  I thought that I was supposed to do one for tomorrow, so I made the card, typed up the post on both here and Card-A Day Blog, I was nearing the end of the one for CAD and I was checking to see who came after me, and I got the day mix-up again.  The Card I was making is for June 1st, NOT May 1st.   It is a good thing these post can be writing weeks before the scheduled time.  So I went back in, and changed it here, and put the right date on the one for CAD.  So now that is done, I still have to do the one for Father's day, it better be a good one.

Well that is it.  I will post a card soon.   I have to.   Have a good and blessed day.

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  1. We have moments like this especially when life get real busy, but all will be okay.


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