Friday, October 28, 2011

The winner to the "In the Celebration of Sistahhood "Blog hop, and other happenings

Hello, and this is an update to the In the Celebration of Sistahhood Blog Hop.   To be fair, I used Random.Org to do my picking (he is not bias at all, lol).   the winner of my blog candy is Netta.   So Netta, if you are reading this, please email me your address to me, so I can get it in the mail.   my email is, and your information is safe with me.

This is what Netta said, "nice job on your the flowers,  ``Netta (craftynetta)~~  

So thanks again, everyone.   I am resting from blog hops for a month.  November and December will be super busy for me.   I am preparing for a craft fair which will take place at Eastmoor High School, December 3, 9am-2pm I believe (I will get back to you on that as soon as I look at my information again).   I participated last year, and only had Longaberger products, and it did not go well.  My table this year will be both Longaberger and MDN Creates products.  I know, i know the rules of selling, but I have to have something for the kids to buy, as well as those with not enough money to buy. Starting next week, I will be cranking it out, and ordering cash and carry items from Longaberger so they can make it by December 3rd.    If you are in the Columbus area and would like to stop by and take a look, again it is at Eastmoor High School, and it is their winter festival.   Hope to see you there.

I am also into writing now, and have written several articles for a couple of companies from   I feel blessed in sharing my work to people, and I do not care if it is through crafting, writing, music, or dance.  Yes I am also a musician (piano, organ, keyboard), and a dancer (ballet, jazz, tap, and literal. )  All of this coming from a person who was very shy as a child.
I am now speaking to any children who are reading this:  you can accomplish anything you want to.  I used to ask God to take away this shyness I had, which to me was bigger than any other problem I had physical.   the true is that you have to believe in yourself, just as God believes in you.  Whatever you are good at, and everyone is good at something.  I never knew that being shy means that I was a great listener.   You do not have to say a word, and instantly that person feels better, because they had a chance to pour their heart out.

One of the things I never got to do when I was younger was to be a model.   I used to get upset about that.   I have some physical attributes that do not set right with the industry, but that is OK, because in a world where everyone is different, they are the most discriminatory industry in the world, and most clothing industries only want certain body types to wear their clothing, but that is OK too, because one day, they may find themselves on the other side where most of us are at now, and they are going to wish that they have never set those guidelines for women and modeling.   Sorry I that I said it here, but I had to get it off my chest, as it is far worst than when I wanted to model.  

Back to scrapbooking.  I am now a proud owner of a Cricut Imagine.   For those of you who are not familiar with this little piece of a gem.   The Imagine or CI for short is a printing and cutting machine made by Provo Craft.   This thing is not little, lol.   I bought it from a friend of mine, who thought it was too complicated, and wanted to stick to her expression machine (she did not purchase the E2 like I did).   Anyway, I took my sister alone, with my niece (3) and my nephew (4) in tow.   I knew that it was big (weights about 40 pounds or is it more like 100!!!), so I was hoping that my sister would get out of the car with me.  Are You Kidding !!!, this woman lower the seat, and went to sleep on me.  My niece is sleep, and nephew wide awake (like he could help me get this "Heavy D" of a Cricut machine out of the door)  It was a good thing her husband was there to put it in the trunk for me.    I get home, and take everything out (purse and the like), and tried to get the imagine between the wall in my garage and my car, and I had to set it on its side and wiggle it around.  I got it up on the table, calibrated it (you have to calibrate both the Imagine and the E2 every time you move them, even within the house), and now it is all ready to go.

Well this is pretty long, so I better stop and get something to eat before the Nate Berkus show comes on and my call in for Longaberger at 8pm.   Again congrats to Netta for winning, and your blog candy will be in the mail as soon as you send me your address.

God bless you all.

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  1. Thank you, Thank you Patricia!!! I did not see this post. I will send you an email. You all did an amazing job on the blog hop.
    Have fun with your Imagine!!


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