Monday, May 25, 2009

as Promised... the card I made Deonte for his 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that this kid is 2, I feel like it was just yesterday that he was 3 months old, but that was a while ago. The boy is slowly getting out of "Baby Japanese" as I call it, and now it is "why", "No", and "stop" as his main words. Is it like that with all 2 year olds? I remember Michael, my oldest nephew asking those type of questions, but geez, Tey ask too much of it. Oh, his other favorite word is "Huh". He gets that from his mother, my sister. Tey says that when he does not want to do something, LOL. Sounds like a typical toddler/child does it?

I took him to Michael's playoff game on Saturday, and except for a couple times he got upset because he was hungry, Tey was good child for his first baseball game. Once my mom got him settle with a bag of chips, this child was good to go (and that was after he had two hot dogs, LOL)

Well, Here's Elmo....

As you see, I had a lot of help from EK Success. that's OK, because sometimes I like something that I can come up with on the fly. the recipe is on my post from Saturday.

Well since I entered something Saturday explaining my life, I will end here. I will to talk to you later. I have to work on memorial day, so on this patriotic day, remember those love ones who sacrifice their lives for this country, and for those who believe, remember the greatest sacrificer of all, Jesus Christ. God Bless you, and take care.

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