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How to unpack and get going with your new Cricut…

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I got a new toy.  Actually it is a helper toy, as that is how I want to look at my new Cricut Explore.   Over the past few weeks, I have explained how I got talked into (for those of you still banning ProvoCraft-snookered) buying this machine, on FlexPay through HSN (Home Shopping Network for those of you not in The States or Canada).  Next, I explained that my newest electronic baby was in the house.   Well now, it is out of the box (after a week of stalling), and I will explain to you how to prep your machine for use.
Yes, you heard me right, prep my machine.   According to ProvoCraft (PC going forward), you should be able to just plug in and go, right?  Not if you have a stubborn system like mine---computer system that is.   Let me explain a little bit about my computer system.
I purchased my computer system in an emergency in 2008.  The reason for the emergency, my last computer crashed without warning.  It was a Dell Dimension system.  Loved it to pieces.   I was not much for being a techie at that time    Anyway, I was working on something, and the computer would not act right, so I turned it off.  Turned it back on moments later, and I got a checkerboard pattern on my screen… not good.
I had something important, and I needed a computer fast.  There was no damage to the hard drive, so the tech was able to transfer everything to this current system.  So now, 7 years later, I need a new system, and so far, so good.
So, what does the computer has to do with the Cricut?  If you have been watching the development of the cricut machines over the years, all machines up to the new one has software that if you choose to, can allow your Cricut machine to cut with or without the computer.  They depend on the cartridges, which cost at least 4 credit card payments, unless you catch them on a sale.  After all, that is why most people who have the machines, love them.  With the new one, it is totally internet dependent.  You cannot work this machine without the use of the computer and internet.  Trust me, I have tried it already.  If you are scare of the computer, I suggest that you stick with the Expressions, Expressions 2, and Mini machine if you do not want to be totally computer dependent.
Well, if you bought into the HSN deal, and you have not registered your little baby, let me guide you the next step:
Once you thank the nice UPS person for bringing your box (yes, mine was nice…after all, this thing weights a ton), it is going to come in the ugly, box, that takes a blowtorch to get into it (do not try this, a nice box cutter or your craft knife will do).   Turn the box over and gently shake your machine out of the box.  Oh look…another box, and this one comes with a handle!!!!  Do not panic, the first box is for UPS (Fed-ex, or whoever does the shipping in your area) to ship your precious machine to your home.  Open the second box, which does not need a box cutter for it, and you will see your shipping label.   This is your return label, in case want to return the machine back to its home (or where the sun don’t shine…Etc…).  The machine is a keeper J
Next, you will find a plastic tray with a set of instructions that says, “Start Here.”  Next to it is a big 12 x 12 folder.   Start here contains the instructions for setting up your machine and the other contains your papers and a mat.  I will get to that in a moment.  Lift that tray out of the box and you will find the star of the show…your machine in a grey bag.  In case you want to show off your newest find, you have something to carry it in.  A first for PC.  Take it out and set it on a flat surface.  Under the machine, you will find a small box.  This contains the USB cable to connect your computer, an electrical cord to plug up your machine (white) and your pen.  Start by plugging your machine up and once you plug it in, turn it on.  I like to do that, in case something go damaged in the shipping.  If anything is wrong (like it won’t turn on), you can call PC, and pack that puppy up and they will ship you a new one. 
Plug in the USB plug.  Now this is tricky if you are not used to plugging up these things.  After all, most electronic devices do come with them.  There is a short stubby end.  Plug that end to the machine itself.  On the other end is a sort of fat, flat metal plug.  Plug that into the computer.  My computer has four USB ports in the front.  One is used my wireless mouse, one for network cable/WIFI, another for my Expressions 2 to connect to Cricut Classroom (more on that software later…), and the last one is for the Explore.
Once plugged, go to to get the software.  One thing to note, this is not software that sits on your hard drive, so no space will be taken up, except to hold your SVG designs.   For that, I suggest you get a free cloud to hold it all.  I am not going to get techie on you, but a cloud software is the latest thing out there.  It is just a big hard drive and like any hard drive, you are given so many gigabytes to store any of your projects, documents, and such.   If you never had an account with PC before, you will be asked to create one.  I have one, so it was a matter of transferring a copy of my information to the new software.   Turn on your machine, and the software will detect it.   If you have taken HSN’s deal to use 2500 images for the next three months, free, it will detect that too.  After the setup, you are finished.   Time to enjoy your machine.

If this your first time in the world of Cricut, I have a review of one the other machines.  You can view it here.   You can also find all sorts of reviews by just search for Cricut.  The machines have been around since 2005 or so.  So I hope that has been educational as well as entertaining.  I thought I was banning it because of the Imagine boo-boo, but nothing can tear me away from this thing called The Cricut Explore Die Cutting Machine. 

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