Saturday, August 13, 2011

No card, just announcements


I am just here to have a normal conversation.  I have no complaints, headaches or anything like that.

New Website:

I am building a new website through WordPress. In fact, I am building three.  I am finding that the things I want to present on Blogger are getting too limited.   That does not mean I am getting rid of this blog as of yet.  if I, I will probably will not happen until Mid-2012 at the latest 2013.   My reasons are simple.   I have too many friends whose blogs I follow on my Blogger account.   I have not decided how long I am going to keep Etsy, whose embedded app is handled nicely on Blogger.  

My shops:

I will tell you right now, I do not have as many things set up on this Etsy shop as I would like to.  I just got rid of Artfire, who decided that paying customers are the best customers, and decided to turn many basic account customers like myself into paying customers.   I am not mad at them, I just cannot afford it right now, if people are not buying.  So not worth the $10 I would be paying each month.   When I start getting people who will buy from me, I may rethink my decision.  E-Willow is just currently sitting there with no new items either.   I  want to put an area on my new website where people can buy, because I can have a Paypal cart set up where it would go straight to Paypal.   Once I have everything in its order, I will be happy.

Well, that is it so far.   I will be working on a couple of swaps, and start getting ready for Fall and Christmas.   On the Professional and personal side, it means cards, cards, and more cards, and for personal, I hope this means a trip to the Mouse's House, Walt Disney World in December.   This trip has been put off so many times for so many reasons.   Pray that it will happen.  I have been planning this family trip since January 2009. I will show and tell next time.

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