Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine's cards

Hello, this is a short post to give you the heads up on my cards.   I made a new set of 3 cute little cards, but they are not on Etsy.   they are on E-Willow, the child I do not talk much about.  (yes I call them my children since I do not have a real child.)
Here she is

I saw a Kristina Werner video on You tube, and I reinterpreted it ( that is industry speak for I did not have all the materials)

It is a simple card that calls for:

1 card blank ( measures 3"x6")-kraft paper
A heart stamp ( Kristina uses the Martha Stewart set of hearts, I used an unknown form stamp with 3 hearts with ribbon interwoven between them)
Red ink (I think she used colorblox brand ink, while I used Stampin Up! Real Red)
Marker (she uses her signature white pen, while I used a plain black ink Sharpie marker)
String ( I used CTMH's Waxy Flax which is discontinued)

Simple cut your cardstock 3"x6" and fold in half to create the card blank.  Next, stamp your hearts on about a third down from the bottom.  Next, handwrite "happy Valentine's day", "To my Sweetie", anything that you can think of.  If you do not like you handwriting, I recommend the computer, or if you want that handwritten look, find someone who can write well. (Preferably someone who is not getting the card). Place this above the stamped image.  Last, take your string, and wrap it around the edge about 2 or 3 times, trying to crisscross along the way.   There you have it.   Super simple.  On the inside, write a personal note.  For my E-willow page, you can click on the banner to the right.

Well that is it for now.  I just wanted to show you this card I made in 10 mins.  You can even change it up.  St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and even though I am not Irish, that does not I am not Irish in spirit, because I always need a reason to make a card.   For that holiday, stamp on Shamrocks or a Pot of Gold, with the words, "Lucky you, Me Boy (Girl)".   This size makes a perfect gift tags on a birthday present or dare I say it, Christmas present. (I know, the 2010 christmas season is not cold enough, and I am already talking about Christmas 2011).  How about a little Easter Card in the basket.  Graduation?   The possibilities are endless with this small, but powerful card.
Let me know what you think about it, and I will chat with you later.   Peace and God Bless You Always.

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