Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scrapbooking class


A couple entries ago, I mention something about a scrapbooking class that I was going to be teaching at my church.   Well, that day did not work out at all, because it was a long day, and if you are over the age of 60, sometimes but not a lot, you get tired from sitting in a meeting that has to do with the well-being of a church.   I have one position in the church that requires me to be on that board, and sometimes I wish that I was not on that board, but God sometimes calls you to do something that you thought was impossible to do.   This particular meeting, things had got a little out of hand, and people were not happy with how the meeting turned out.  in the end, it worked out, but my class ended up being sacrificed, and I had to scheduled it for another day.   Well, that day was this past Saturday, June 5, and this day did not go as well as the last one.    The big difference in the two days was I had two people on Saturday, besides me and my mom, and I had to share the fellowship hall with the Saturday adult class.   I had a boat-load of stuff to show the two ladies, and since we do not have an elevator to go down into the basement, and carrying the roller with my stuff in it was not an option.   I was disappointed in the number of people who showed up, but these two ladies, who I admire, gave me constructive criticism  on my advertising.   OK, so 7 years of advertising training went out the window the day I made the announcement in the morning worship went over my head, and I lost all marbles.   The way they heard and the way I said it, did not make a lot of sense.   What the two ladies heard was I am having a scrapbook class.   No description, no nothing.    So maybe the class only brought out two curious people, and the rest who spoke to me, said that they were not interested  in learning about this craft.   The two ladies and my mom also said that because of what the weekend was that it was hard for people to come, an said that maybe I should have one in the fall, to promote making gifts using the photos.   so I am gathering Ideas for that.   I had fun regardless of the problem.  They said that I should have a sign up sheet too.

No new stuff...

Sorry no new card or scrapbook page to show you, but I am have my list of things to do, such as:

  • a multi-shot of Nine'na on a page.   It was Mother's day, and order for my father and Mike to finish setting up the dinner buffet, me, mom, and my sister Schaundra took the kids out to a nearby park in the neighborhood.   Deonte went straight to the  play equipment, while Miss Nine'na ran in the grass, with her nice pretty dress on.  My camera has a a multi-shot option on it, but I wanted to see if I can capture that same look without using it, and it worked.
  • Deer multi-shot.   Not to out do what I took of Nine'na on mother's day, I saw as I was driving up in my condo neighborhood was a deer.  rare sight, so I drove like a bat out of you know where to get to my camera.   after carefully driving into the garage, I ran in, grabbed the camera, and in a nick of time was able to the same multi-shot without the mult-shot feature.  I did not know luck would stike twice.
  • Christmas cards.  This is my last swap from this group for a while, but I only have to make 4 cards.   I am taking a break from swaps, and maybe from the group.  I will see.
  • Etsy/ebay cards and pages:   I need new pages and cards.   the condo association is having a community garage sale this Saturday, and usually, I sell my retired Longaberger products, and try to take orders.  this year it is going to be different, in that in addition to that, I am going to try to sell the cards that I have listed on Etsy.   I have had them there for 6 months, and I think I need to get rid of them.   I am also going to sell tags, note cards, and Jumbo papercips with something pasted on them.   If I get really ambious,  I may make note pads and jounals with pens.   I will also have things that I no longer need too.  wow what a sale.  If I sell the cards from the etsy store, then I have to un-list them.  
Well that is it for now.   I will talk to you later, and God Bless You.

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