Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hello- I have cards to share, finally. Let's get started.

The first card, I cardnapped. I got this idea from Kristina, who has a You Tube account, and has graciously supplied the 25 cards of Christmas. Thanks for the idea, Kristina. I think I sort of tweeked it a little, and I forgot what day she did this card on. I think it was day 10. Anyway, kraft cardstock (she has made me fall in love with this color) from Archivers, the striped paper is from Paper Salon called Pristine: Gliter Stripes. the Joy and peace stamp is from Hero Arts, and the stamp on the inside (not shown) is from a saying on the internet (forgot where I pulled it from). the Poinsettia is a digi stamp, and I nabbed by doing a Google search, and I colored it with Copic Makers (Cardinal, black mixed, with forest green berries). I used a fiskers corner rounder. the scallops were made with the Cricut cart, Plantin Schoolbook. there is a simular card I made , which is this one:

The only difference is the image, which is the nativity scene. again this is a Digi Stamp (free from the website), colored with Copic Markers. I should have let more of the striped paper shown through, but that is OK. It is good to be creative. I missed that moment, and I am sorry I took too long to post.

This Card is a almost a complete Cricut card. The side paper is Paper Salon Pristine Gliter Stripes. Joy is made with Plantin Schoolbook with green shadow then light green lettering. The trees are made from one of the newest mini carts, Very Merry Tags. this is a limited edition, and they have more on the way, if you have not preordered them already. I think the carts this time are going to be Easter, Mother's Day, and Love Struck (has to do with V-day (Valentine's). So if you have any of the Cricuts (O, E, or Create), preorder yours today.

The next card also comes with some Cricut roots. This time it is the reindeer tag from VMT, and the piece of paper to the side, you guessed it, Paper Salon Glitter Stripes. the reindeer was from Bazzill paper called Current Sensation. I made a mistake from the first reindeer tag I cut, and decided to use the die cut for this card, and cut out another two tags for these cards:

These two cards were made the same, the only difference is I just used the reindeer (both from Bazzill cardstock), and only used the background tag in a contrasting color. The only thing is I think the background paper (which came from my own stash by cutting the cardstock in half from the dreamkutz machine many months ago) is too bright. The next two, I took a clue from note cards. the first one: I bought a Yours Truly 4x4 square, the second square was cut 3.5x3.5, while the last one was cut 3x3. The 2 squares came from Plantin Schoolbook, and I stamped the top square with a Hero Arts Stamps from last year. it came out light, so I enhanced it with copic markers. I need more colors. that is the problem with things like Copic markers or even Cricut cartridges. The can be addictive, because it does not matter what color or design you need, you do not have it.

Next this card is simular to the square note card except that it is round. I used the scallop circle from the Yours Truly line from Archivers in an eco white. the backgound circle is a baby blue type card from Bazzill, cut slightly larger than the scallop circle from Plantin Schoolbook. (see further explanation below about this cart.) I stamped a tree from Hero Arts, and colored it with copic markers. Stamped a Hero Arts Merry Christmas on it. this card and the square card are good for quick note (get smaller images for the top and add you message below. If you want, you can stamp the image in the back. another technique I did on the card is simulated the holes on the scallops, by putting a dot on scallops. You can take an actual hole punch for that effect.

The last christmas card I made is strickly your classic card. In fact I showed you cards in reverse order, because this was the first card I made this year for Christmas, and the first card I showed you was the last card I made. I am not finished yet, because I missed some people. I will be making them New Year's day cards. Anyway, back to the card. The Snowflake is from the new Mini Cart "When Its cold outside. The square cut from Plantin SchoolBook. I want to pause for a moment before going on about this card. If you do not have a Cricut Expression, which is the one that cuts from any size paper from 2x2 up to and including 12x23, You can do this on an original Cricut, or a Cricut Create. Both of the Cricuts hold size 6x12. the difference between the two is the Create has the same buttons as the Expression does, and the original does not. I am not sure if the create has basic shapes on the cart that comes with it (which is called Don Juan), but the Original has the Cart" George and basic shapes."

Back to the card. Again, I make my own card blanks with my dreamkutz machine by cutting the paper in half, the folding it in half again. I stamped a hero Arts saying "Let it snow" from Hero Arts. Adhered the snowflake to the square to the card. I put a sentiment on the inside, and you are done. Again, super simple.

A word on sentiments.

You can find all kinds of sentiment and sayings from everywhere. There are whole books dedicated to them, websites (Google the term Sentiments, quotes, or sayings). You can quote your favorite bible verse, or a children's poem for a fun child's card or scrapbook page. Once you find that poem, verse, or favorite author, you can type it, or use the copy/paste feature and copy it onto a word processing program such as Word, wordperfect, or off brand program. You can also use a publishing program, such as MS Publisher or generic desktop publishing program. Once you size up the font, then print it out. You can cut it, mat it, then place it on the card. Try it, you will have fun, but make sure that they are royality free.

Word on Longaberger:

This is the last week, you get you order the sweetheart basket for this year. If you want to order, please click here to get to the site. Be on the look out for new product to come for Spring-summer 2010. The leaders will be meeting next week, and I cannot wait to find out about the new products, and I hope to be able to share them with you in the coming weeks. Until that time, it is hush, hush.

Well I hope that 2010 will find you peace of mind, body, and spirit, as well as in God's loving arms. I will be spending New Year's eve with my loved ones, and New year's day working for 3 hours. Be safe, God bless, and be mindful of the alcohol intake when the clock strikes 2010. Happy New Year, 2010.

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