Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a note

Hello, just a quick note before I go off to la-la land. today at 9am, I will be a brunch , with Proceeds benefiting breast cancer awareness . this is the 4th year for the event, and even though it is too late for you to attending this year's event, I will post details when they come availble for next year. It is at the Longaberger Golf course in Newark, Ohio, and it is given by the members of my Longaberger branch. If you live locally, this is a good cause to raise money for the treatment of this illness. We have a silent auction, and tickets raised, and after that, you get to shop at Longaberger homestead and Factory store. I have donated 6 sets of cards for this, and the look like this:

They are in groups of 10, and the starting 2.00 for them. Sorry you cannot bid on them.. Maybe next time.
Good night, and rest well.

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