Friday, August 7, 2009

Longaberger Bee

I have another side of me that I cannot hide. It only comes out once a year, and if I choose to let it thrive in me, you would be surprise on how I act. I go crazy during General Session of my Longaberger conventions (AKA The Bee). in fact, I did not know how crazy I can get, until I found out Monday that my little digital camera by HP can record sound with its video capabilities. I am going to give you this link to the first video I shot during the Bee. Please, no comments on my singing. Now I don't think I have a bad voice, it just sounds bad in this video, LOL. I uploaded it to you tube (I know, brave, brave soul, but I am glutton for punishment, LOL) (The Bees evolution to Dance Part 2).

Now let's get a little more serious: I go, because I want to be all that I can be with my business. I have not really done that in the past fiscial year, and I want to be accountable for my actions. I think that Longaberger is a wonderful company, with great benefits, if you do all you can to make you business thrive. I have been at it for almost 8 years, with my anniversary on October 8th. I have learned how to find new customers; Do events, such as craft shows, and how to get people to come on my team. You may ask yourself, should I already know how to do this sort of stuff? Well, yes I do, but every year, everyone should take a refresher course, and find new ideas on an old topic. You have to consider that people have started using social networks now, and depend less on snail mail and the telephone.

This black cat set is just in time for Halloween. Isn't it cute? I am getting one, and I hope that I would sell a couple more. From August 1-14, If you buy the basket set, you get the wrought Iron set Free. the set is $79, and it includes, Basket, Protector, and liner. I think it would look cute on a table with candy in it, to pass out during begger's night, or a party. Without the liner, it can hold dinner rolls, remote controls. Get it for a cat lover you know. I can think of using it as a sew kit, ot to hold knitting. It can also hold embellishments or inks for scrapbooking. Have a cat themed room, this is perfect for it, or put it in a child's room.

Well that is it for now. The Horizon of Hope products are still availible, and this is the second month of campaigning. every HOH purchase you make, Longaberger make a donation to the American Cancer Society. If you live or plan on visiting Cental Ohio in September, My Branch leader's cental branch, which I am a part of, is having a Horizon of Hope brunch on the 18th. for $68, will get you brunch, tickets for a silent auction, door prizes, and a shopping trip at the factory store and Homestead. It is heard this year at the Longaberger Golf Course from 9am -noon. If you want further info on the event, please email me, and I can put you on my list, and that is To order any of this products, please visit my shop at If you want to be a part of the Longaberger family, you can join on my website as well. You can also hold a Home Party or catalog party and get any of these product with either hostess dollars or as a half price item. If you do not want to have on at you home, I can show many different places to have it, such as a girl's night out, at a restaurant, or in the park.
Well this is really it now. take care, and God bless.

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