Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Being Social

I just got finished looking at both of my Twitter and Facebook pages, updated them, and joined some groups. As I was doing this, I was just thinking, " Do I really need this much company? in some cases, ok, in most cases, yes. Online, I am on several Yahoo groups, including some business groups, scrapbooking groups, and a couple of financial groups (through the business groups). On Twitter, I follow channel 10 news (as if I cannot follow them when I watch them), and people who invited me to their page. On Facebook, I am again following channel 10 news (do I sense a pattern, LOL), and several people, who I am on yahoo groups with, and one of my aunts is following my page. On My Space, which I got on, because my 12 year old nephew is on there, plus several people again from Yahoo groups. I am on LinkedIn (my cousin from Indianpolis has a page), Plaxco (my dad and his buddy both have pages), Direct Selling Women's Alliance (because I have a direct selling business, more on that later), Ryze, several other social groups. then there is this blog, I started several weeks ago. I am not counting my church, family, friends, business associates, co-workers, and a couple of network groups. all of this coming from a person, who used to be very shy as a child, who still would like to adopt a child of my own.

why do I join all of these groups? I am not complaining at all. I love it. being able to communicate what you are about is a wonderful thing. For one, I am an Independent Longaberger Home consultant, and in need of promoting Longaberger. I would love new customers, and this is one way of doing so. I also scrapbook, you already know that, and I just like to share what I can do. I am also a people person. I grew up from being a scared of what people thought of me, to a confident person, who is ready to take on the world. You have to get like that, if you want to sell baskets, pottery, wrought iron, scrapbook albums, cards, and the like. you also need thick skin, because everything you sell, everyone may not like it, or have any use for it, or your taste in a particular style may not be someone else's style.

Since I am into sharing, let me share you three people. these are my niece and nephews. they are cute. One thinks she is a princess, one is sometimes a moody teen, and the other is very friendly.

This child, is Deonte. his will be 20 months next week. I call him sneaky(nickname is Tey), but he is just a little explorer. He loves sweets, and is talking up a storm. stubborn at times, just like my sister. nosey, I think that is typical toddler. He is my little buddy.

This is Michael, my typical teen nephew. he will be 13 years old next month, but I have been watching how the young ladies have been acting around him. let's just say, I have one of those applications to screen them, and I will make sure they know who is his aunty. He likes vidoes, vidoes games, music, talking on the phone (can't you tell by the picture, LOL), and hates chores.
This little cutie is my niece, Nine'na. she will be 4 months tomorrow, and is a good baby (not that her brother or mor other nephew were not). she is true diva, need her bottle on que, and knows at the moment, she is the only granddaughter. The apple of her grandparents' eye (that might once she starts walking, LOL)

she too has her mother's personally.

I love all three of them, and as I watch they grow, I look forward to many more things to teach them. I was the unsusal child. my brother was into sports (he is Michael's father), in turn he gave Mike basketball and smart skills. Deonte loves to dance, and I hope that both he and his sister will get good grades when they are older. Mike never wanted music lessons from me, until last month, I said that I was going to teach Deonte and Nine'na, then he said that he wanted to learn how to play the piano, so I will have to teach him, but he must practice. I hope that my sister will let Nine'na take dance lessons, and Deonte could be a jack of all trades like me. I also want to continue to teach them things that will get them along with this world, as this is a world of change.
I want to leave you with this (speaking of change, I heard Oprah say this: "e the change you want to see in the world". God Bless you, and I will see you next time.

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  1. Ha! Too funny. I don't keep up on the majority of social/business networking stuff I've signed up for. But it's nice that it's there if I happen to need some contacts. I definitely stay up with my Yahoo groups the most. But I totally hear you!


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